Jason & Tracey Tomkinson moved from Tasmania to the warmer climate of the Sunshine Coast and continued their existing relationship with Huon Salmon by opening their own business, All About Salmon; a retail and wholesale operation in Mooloolaba.

As part of the Huon “family”, they know exactly how their fish are raised down in the crystal clear open waters of the Huon River, Tasmania. This healthy and stress free environment is an essential component in producing the highest quality salmon products.

The Tomkinsons are committed to monitoring the quality & freshness of each product they stock from the minute it is harvested right up until it is sold to their customers. Jason & Tracey also understand the importance of showing respect for the fish they sell by ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Every part of each fish is put to good use, including the frames which go to a local pet food company and the heads which are used by local chefs to create delicious, natural fish stocks.

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Our relationship with Huon Salmon goes back 30 years including Jason’s 12 years as their Harvest Manager, so we know how to properly handle salmon to maintain quality and freshness. 

All of our salmon is delivered direct to us from Huon’s pristine Tasmanian marine environment and immediately refreshed with experienced care, then skilfully prepared for sale. 

We also stock a range of other fresh seafood products which you can read about here.








There are many misconceptions surrounding salmon farming in Australia. We've been involved with the industry for decades so here are the facts when it comes to our Salmon...


Our fish are given plenty of space...

Huon’s stocking densities are the lowest in the world - the actual ratio is 1% fish to 99% water! By giving our fish plenty of space, they are able to behave naturally which reduces stress dramatically.

Our fish are handled minimally and gently...

We try to minimise the amount of handling our fish require and when we do need to handle them, we use methods and technology that are gentle on the fish.

Our fish are kept together...

Salmon have complex social structures and by keeping a population of fish together throughout their life, we allow them to build and maintain cohesive social ties to one another.

Our fish are able to use their natural instincts...

Salmon instinctively swim into a current. Huon utilises this instinct for both transporting and harvesting fish. When we transport fish, we tow them very slowly in their pens and use their natural instinct to ensure that when a population of salmon needs to be moved, it is low-stress. In addition, when it comes time to harvest, our system has a standing wave

Our fish are kept in a low-stress environment...

Seals and seabirds prey on our salmon. The presence and proximity of these predators can greatly stress the fish. To reduce this, Huon has developed a world-leading “fortress pen” that prevents seals and birds from gaining access to the pens below or above the water line and keeps a greater distance between the fish and their predators.

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Lovely local owners Jason & Tracey a delight. Best value on the sunny coast too.. Congratulations!
— Janice Nankivell
We had your salmon tonight and it is some of the finest salmon that I can remember eating in a long long time!
— Denis Donadel
We got salmon here yesterday, had it for dinner and it was so fresh and seriously delicious!!! The customer service was a highlight! Tracey was so friendly and had so much information about the product which gave us real insight into where the salmon came from and their quality of life which was a huge plus for us. The shop was pristine and didn’t smell fishy at all. We will definitely be going back, weekly or more. If you haven’t been yet, go!
— Carly Paez

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